Friday, January 22, 2010

Upcoming Release Dates

In the everchanging world of release dates, here is the info we have available as of today:

2010 Topps Baseball Hobby - 1/27/10
2010 Topps Baseball HTA Jumbo - 2/2/10 (its already made, why the delay?)
2010 Topps Opening Day BB - 2/17/10
2009 National Chicle FB - 1/27/10
2009 Topps Sterling BB - 1/29 (finally, only delayed like 2 mos)
2009 Topps Platinum FB - 2/3/10
2009 Topps Unique FB - 2/17/10
2009 UD Baseball Signature Stars BB - 1/27/10
2010 UD BB - 2/2/10
2009-10 UD Trilogy HKY - 2/2/10
2009 SP Authentic FB - 2/9/10 (finally)
2009 Ultimate BB - week of 2/25
This doesnt even include panini which usually DOES come out on the original release date. I don't know about you but this is an awful lot of product to absorb in such a short span. While it's great to see new products coming out, the spacing can be a hell of alot better, a couple of these products were supposed to be out for the holidays and have been delayed till now. Hopefully some of these products were delayed to cut down on the dreaded redemptions and will provide some bang for the buck. We have all these releases available for preorder on the website. Please feel free to comment, and keep all comments relevant to the topic. Hope everyone enjoys the FB games this weekend and hopefully the Jets win and your Sanchez and Green RC's go through the roof!.....DCS

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DCS Now Accepts Paypal!

Our customers spoke and we listened! DCS Sports Cards now accepts Paypal as a method of payment, making it easier to purchase your sportscards and supplies at great prices!