Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey Cards releasing in June!

2/25/13 - by Ryan Cracknell
2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey builds off the brand's longstanding legacy among puck fans, delivering plenty of autographs, memorabilia and additional content originally planned for other sets. As with past years, autographs lead the chase. Every hobby box comes three signatures, at least one of which is an autographed Future Watch rookie card. Traditionally, Future Watch cards rank among the player's top rookie cards. Signatures can also be found on Limited Variations, which also have Autographed Patch versions, and Sign of the Times cards. Authentic Moments and Team Canada Moments are highlighted by dated photos capturing specific moments and events. Every box has four single-player Authentic Moments cards, one multi-player card and a pair of Team Canada Moments cards. Both have autographed versions as well. Going back to the brand's early days are 1994-95 SP Retro cards, which are inserted four per box. Collectors can also look for Die-Cut Autograph cards, which fall about three per case. Thanks to the labor dispute that cut the NHL season short, Upper Deck cancelled several products when it was announced all rookies playing for the first time in 2012-13 would be held back until 2013-14 products. Some of that content has been included in 2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey. Upper Deck Update, cards originally planned for Upper Deck Series 2, fall 1:6 packs (four per box). At least two UD Exclusives parallels are in every case. MVP Rookie Updates have also been brought over to 2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey, with one or two in every box. While 2012-13 SPx Hockey was also cancelled as a full-fledged, bonus SPx packs found their way into 2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey. Among the cards in these packs are Autographed Patch rookie cards. Estimated Release Date: 6/13 Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack Price Point: Mid-End Hockey Card Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Rookie Card Collectors, SP Authentic Fans, Memorabilia Collectors 2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey Box Break 1 Autographed Future Watch Rookie Card 2 Additional Autographs 4 Authentic Moments 1 Multi-Player Authentic Moments 2 Team Canada Moments 4 1994-95 SP Retro Cards 4 Upper Deck Update Cards 1 MVP Rookie Update 120 Total Cards