Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2013 Bowman Baseball Is Finally Here!

Over the last week and a half, we have showed you everything that makes 2013 Bowman great. We showcased the Wrapper Redemption, The Lucky Redemption, Bowman Black, 65th Anniversary Best Bowman Players of All Time and so much more.

Bowman is one of the Biggest launches of the year and we have a lot planned to celebrate and support this flagship product.

Bowman on MLB Network

• Starting this month, Bowman Baseball will be featured on the MLB Network. Look for a brand new Bowman TV commercial featuring some recent Bowman stars and current prospects. Also, Bowman will be featured in a special Trivia segment on MLB Tonight

Bowman Prospect Challenge

• The Bowman Prospect Challenge is underway. Put your knowledge of prospects to the test! Look for special code cards in packs 2013 Bowman Baseball, then go to to unlock players and build your roster for a chance to win awesome autograph cards every month!

Look for Bowman at the MLB Draft!

• Bowman will a be sponsor in this year’s MLB Draft on June 6th and will be bringing you a “First look” at some of the 2013 draftees. Very exciting, stay Tuned!

Now it is time for you to Rip and Uncover Greatness with 2013 Bowman Baseball. Who’s Next?