Thursday, April 1, 2010

Upper Deck Unveils 2009 Exquisite Collection Football!

Upper Deck Unveils 2009 Exquisite Collection Football!

Bonus pack of one autographed memorabilia card included in every box!

Carlsbad, CA (March 30, 2010) – When it comes to celebrating the best of today’s top-flight talent in the NFL, the Upper Deck Company has hit paydirt with its latest product release: 2009 Exquisite Collection Football. One of Upper Deck’s most highly coveted offerings, Exquisite Collection Football delivers three hard-signed autographs in every box with a bonus pack containing an additional single- or dual-autographed book card!

“This is our most anticipated product of the year,” said Brandon Miller, Upper Deck’s Football brand manager. “Every year we hand pack this product to ensure the greatest possible value in every box for our consumers. We see firsthand some of the amazing autographs, inscriptions and patches that are set to blow away our Exquisite collectors and we can’t wait to see and hear their responses once the cards reach the open market.”

The Upper Deck Facebook and Twitter sites featured live postings from the Exquisite packout chronicling the process and included an impressive array of card images snapped just prior to being put into their respective boxes. Images can be found at the Upper Deck Sports Blog:

The bonus pack in every box, featuring elegantly designed Exquisite Autobiography or Exquisite Rookie Bookmarks cards, reflect outstanding player selection, photography and value as an additional single or dual-signed card. The set’s regular base cards are numbered to 80, Rookie Signatures are numbered to 99, and the Rookie Signature Patch cards are numbers to 225 or less. But that’s just the start of this windfall for gridiron fans!

Beyond the aforementioned cards, Exquisite Collection Football brings collectors some of the classiest assortments of specialty cards ever offered. The autographed and memorabilia insert card lineup seems endless. You have “Exquisite Rare Materials” (numbered to 35) and its tag parallel (numbered to 10); “Exquisite Dual and Quad Logo Signatures” (numbered to 1); and “Exquisite Inscriptions” (numbered to 15). You will also find “Exquisite Patch” cards (numbered to 75); dual patch cards (numbered to 50); triple patch cards (numbered to 25); and quad patch cards (numbered to 20).

Moving right along, the “Exquisite Endorsements Signatures” autograph cards include the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, Ray Lewis and Peyton Manning, while the “Exquisite Signature Nameplates” sport top-tier names like former Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, Hall-of-Fame QB Dan Marino and 2007 Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson. Top rookies from the Class of 2009 are highlighted throughout the product with standouts like Mark Sanchez and Matthew Stafford sharing a dual-signed “Exquisite Ensemble Signatures” card, and the foursome of Knowshon Moreno, Chris “Beanie” Wells, Donald Brown and LeSean McCoy adorning a beautifully designed quad-signed “Ensemble 4 Signatures” card.

Whether it’s “Endorsements Parallel” cards numbered to 15, “Bio Script Signatures” numbered to 5, or “Legendary Signature” cards numbered to 25, there’s something special inside every pack of Upper Deck’s 2009 Exquisite Collection Football.

The product, currently on store shelves, includes six cards per pack plus an additional book card bonus pack in every hobby box.

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