Friday, April 1, 2011


*Base Cards 426-500 are short printed and can be found 1:3 packs.

*Replicating the original 1962 Topps , there are short printed GREEN TINT variations. Subjects include cards 110-158 and 160-196. These are found in hobby boxes only.

*There is also a BLUE TINT variation (found at Wal-Mart) and a RED TINT variation (found at Target) featuring the same subjects. These are also short printed.

*Collectors can also find GREEN REFRACTOR parallels (100 subjects) that are only found in Green Refractor Hot Boxes. These Hot Boxes are 1 per hobby case.

*And at retail outlets, collectors can find a special 100-card BLACK BORDERED parallel. They are exclusive to the $8.99 3-pack blister.

*There are 6 short printed ERROR VARIATIONS, which mimic the original set:

* Alex Rodriguez (Photo Reversed w/ bat in left

hand...image attached)

* David Wright (Cincinnati Reds)

* Joba Chamberlain (Card # 139)

* Bengie Molina (Wrong birthday)

* Ryan Zimmerman (Wrong batting average)

* Vlad Guerrero (Listed as Pitcher on card


*And exclusive to hobby boxes, there is a special 10-card JACKIE ROBINSON STORY variation that has the look and feel of the Babe Ruth Story insert. In addition, there is a relic version of each card numbered to 42.