Friday, June 14, 2013

Fathers Day Sale starts Now! Check out our Fathers Day Promotional Coupon Codes!

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Use the coupons below for fathers day discounts off our already low prices!


•$5 OFF ANY PURCHASE OF $50.00 - coupon code - beckett13

•$10 OFF ANY PURCHASE OF $300 - coupon code - dcs300

•$15 OFF ANY PURCHASE OF $400 - coupon code - dcs400

•$25 OFF ANY PURCHASE OF $500 OR MORE - dcs500

2013 Upper Deck SPX Football is here!!

203 Upper Deck SPX Football Hobby Box

2013 SPX Footabll is here and loaded with some great stuff and available for $109.95! DCS Sports Cards has a wide selection of Upper Deck products available at great prices, order yours today!

SPX Football is better then ever with more bang for the buck in 2013!

10 packs per box - 5 cards per pack

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All content listed is an average based on the entire production run)

• Three (3) Autographs per box!

o Includes at least one (1) SPx Rookie Auto Jersey card with a jumbo jersey swatch!

o Look for Autographed patch cards and multi-signed parallels

• One (1) single, dual, triple, or patch Memorabilia card!

o Single memorabilia cards include huge 1.5”x1.5” swatch pieces!

• Get three (3) SPx Finite Rookies or Legends per box!

• NEW! Look for ever popular SPx Shadow Box cards with a new twist!

o Collect dual player Shadow Box cards for the first time ever!

o Includes rare autographed parallels!

• NEW! Get four (4) UD Premier Bonus Packs per case!

o Each bonus pack contains a UD Premier Rookie Autographed Jersey card or Veteran/Legend Autographed jersey card!

Look for patch parallels!

o Each 8-box inner shipper will have two UD Premier Bonus Packs

• NEW! Three (3) 1996 or 1997 SPx retro hologram inserts per box!

o Includes rare gold parallels!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2012-13 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Live today - $109.95

2012-13 SP Authentic Hockey

2012-13 Upper Deck SP Authentic hockey is live today and ready to ship! This product is loaded with great stuff including the 1st hard signed autos from the 2012-13 rookie class, order yours today!
24 packs per box - 5 cards per pack


• Collect 3 Autograph Cards in every box!

o Including at least 1 Signed Future Watch Rookie Card!

o First hard-signed RC’s from the ’12-13 Rookie Class!

• (NEW) Look for SPx BONUS PACKS!!

o Appearing 1 in every 3 boxes!

o Each Bonus Pack includes 1 SPx Autograph Rookie Jersey or Patch card!

• Grab 2-3 Limited Autographed Patch Cards, #’d to 100 or less per case!

o Highlighted by Autographed Future Watch Patch cards!

o Also pull valuable Regular card Auto Patch Variations !

• (NEW) Upper Deck Update!!

o Just as you would in UD2, Complete your 2012-13 Upper Deck set with players who changed teams in the offseason, and stars not in UD1! (falling 4 per box!)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Topps Archives/Fathers day Promotion @ DCS Sports Cards starts today!

Check out this Topps Archives/ Fathers Day Promotion, starts today!

Archives Promotion Overview:

To commemorate the launch of 2013 Topps Archives, Topps will be offering participating Hobby stores a special promotion that will help drive sales in your store while providing an awesome, nostalgic experience that your customers will enjoy, just in time for Father’s Day.

· Week 1 – Buy ...a pack for $.25: June 10th – June 16th:

Collectors can experience their youth again and buy special 5 card packs for $0.25! These cards will feature a unique Day Glow Parallel. These packs should only be made available to consumers during the dates provided.

· Week 2 – Redeem 1980’s Cards: June 17th – June 24th:

Celebrate Father’s Day and get Dad a new pack of cards. Customers can bring in any of Dad’s old cards from the 80s and go to the store to redeem it for a unique cello pack of 2012 Baseball Series 2. These packs should only be available during the dates provided and make great Father’s Day Gifts!!.

· Vintage Card Redemption: June 10thth

While Supplies Last: Special redemption cards will be inserted into Hobby boxes of Topps 2013 Archives. Customers can redeem these cards for a free Vintage card from the Topps Vault! The Vintage card will be from the 1950s-1980s and it will be foil wrapped. Collectors will enjoy ripping these packs to see which great they will get from the past!