Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Panini Elite Football Cards Live today 7/12

2013 Panini Elite Football showcases the 2013 rookie class and the leagues established stars. Extremely popular with collectors, Panini Elite Football delivers quality year after year. DCS Sports Cards is a Authorized Intermet retailer for Panini, order yours now at a great price!

20 packs 5 cards per pack

• One of football's most revered brands returns with four autograph or memorabilia cards per box (at least two autographs), the classic Passing the Torch insert and several new twists

• On-card autographs from the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere

• The laser-cut sensation takes on a new look with the unique Panini Portraits that fall once every two boxes on average

• First and Goal delivers a new twist on the Panini "Revolution" concept with a spinning down marker in the card

• The Prime Numbers puzzle concept comes to football with two-card combinations that feature a prime memorabilia piece on the left and an autograph on the right.


RPS ROOKIE INSCRIPTIONS - On-card autographed at the NFL Rookie Photo Shoot, these fan-favorite cards can be found in multiple ink colors including black, blue, red and green.


PASSING THE TORCH SIGNATURES - The leader in multi-player autograph cards, Passing the Torch Signatures return with record-breaking pairings and high-profile player combinations.

FOURTH AND GOAL - A new take on Panini Revolution cards, the new First and Goal Insert features a spinning down marker for each of the four downs.

PRO BOWL STANDOUTS PRIME - Bringing together some of the best names in the NFL Pro Bowl Standouts features player-worn swatches from one of the most iconic traditions in the league.

PRIME NUMBERS JERSEYS PRIME/AUTOGRAPH - These two-card combinations feature a prime memorabilia piece on the left and an autograph on the right, highlighting impressive player performances from the previous year.




4 Autographs/Memorabilia (At Least Two Autos), 3 Rookies,

1 Turn Of The Century, 1 Passing The Torch Silver, 1 Zoning Commission Silver, 1 Primary Colors Silver, 1 Rookie Hard Hats, and 3 others

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013-14 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards with double rookie class releases November!

2013-14 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Crds will be the 1st release of the Double rookie class in their NHL Uniforms! DCS Sports Cards is an Authorized internet retailer for Upper Deck and has series 1 available for presale at a great price! This product will be in big demand, order yours today!

24 packs per box 8 cards per pack


• DOUBLE ROOKIE CLASS Hits The Ice – And Hits UD1!!

• ALL THE CARRYOVERS (Yakupov, Galchenyuk, Huberdeau, Gallagher), Plus ALL THE


• Look for Young Guns Rookie Cards, averaging 1 in 4 packs!

o An amazing group of prospects is lined up for ’13-14!

• Get more Rookies in the UD Canvas insert set!

o Young Guns hit every 48 packs!

• Collect the NEW Shining Stars cards, featuring gold rainbow parallels!

• Become an MVP with MVP Regular cards, MVP Greats and MVP Rookie cards!

o Plus, find the popular Gold Script & Super Script parallels!

• Blast from the Past – Lord Stanley’s Heroes make a Triumphant Return!

o Falling every 2-3 cases, these will hold great case-level value!

o Also find ALL-New Lord Stanley’s Futures cards!

• Clear Cut Cards = Case Hit Gems!

o With four distinct themes, these cards will sing!

• Always a UD1 staple – UD Game Jersey cards!

o Plus, more 300 Win Club Jersey & Patch cards!


• Rookie Cards!

o Young Guns – inserted 1:4

• UD Canvas cards! (combined to deliver 1:6)

o Regular Cards – inserted 1:7

o Young Guns – inserted 1:48

• Memorabilia & Autograph Cards, UD Style!

o UD Game Jerseys – inserted 1:13

o A Piece Of History, 300 Win Club Jerseys – inserted 1:864

o UD Game Patch – #’d to 15

o A Piece Of History, 300 Win Club Patch – #’d to 10

o Signature Sensations – inserted 1:288

• MVP Rocks UD – with More RC’s too!

o Regular cards – inserted 1:8

o Greats – inserted 1:24

o Rookie Cards – inserted 1:24

o Regular Card Gold Script parallels – #’d to 100

o Greats Gold Script parallels -- #’d to 100

o Rookie Cards Gold Script parallels --#’d to 100

o Regular Card Super Script parallels – #’d to 100

o Greats Gold Super parallels -- #’d to 100

o Rookie Cards Super Script parallels --#’d to 100

• (NEW) Shining Stars!

o Shining Stars, Centers – inserted 1:20

o Shining Stars, Left Wingers – inserted 1:60

o Shining Stars, Right Wingers – inserted 1:60

o Shining Stars Centers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:480

o Shining Stars Left Wingers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:1,440

o Shining Stars Right Wingers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:1,440

• Lord Stanley Returns, with a New Twist!

o Lord Stanley’s Heroes – inserted 1:720

o Lord Stanley’s Futures – inserted 1:2,880

• Clear Cut Inserts!

o Clear Cut Stoppers – #’d to 100

o Clear Cut Honoured Members – #’d to 100

o Clear Cut Foundations – #’d to 25

o Clear Cut Leaders – #’d to 25

• Must-Have Regular Set Parallels!

o Exclusives – #’d to 100

o HG – #’d to 25

• Some of the Game’s Greats! (combined to deliver 1:12)

o 1980’s Hockey Heroes – inserted 1:12.5

o Hockey Heroes, Art Card – inserted 1:600

o Hockey Heroes, Header Card – inserted 1:600

• Regular Cards

200 Regular Cards

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rookie “Trade” cards issued by Upper Deck will be good for Andrew Luck!

Carlsbad, CA (July 5, 2013) – Upper Deck is pleased to announce the company has reached a trading card and autograph deal with Andrew Luck. The company’s exclusive deal with the Collegiate Licensing Company will allow Upper Deck to produce licensed Stanford trading cards of this legendary quarterback in mainstream trading card sets for the first time. Upper Deck issued special “trade” cards good for rookie and autograph rookie cards of a first-round quarterback in 2012 football products. With the deal in place, Upper Deck can move forward with creating these of Andrew Luck for collectors who were lucky enough to pull them. Additionally, collectors can expect to find Andrew Luck cards and autograph cards in upcoming 2013 Upper Deck football releases.

“Being able to provide collectors with one of the most-valuable rookies of the 2012 season is a big win for Upper Deck,” said Brandon Miller, collegiate sports brand manager for Upper Deck. “Andrew Luck racked up just about every award you could imagine at Stanford and he is continuing to break records in the pros. We know there has been a lot of speculation over who the ‘Trade Upper Deck’ card would be good for and we are thrilled to announce it will be Andrew Luck. Getting his rookie cards into the market for collectors is a top priority for us and signing this deal was the first step to getting that done.”

Collectors can find these special “Trade Upper Deck” cards in 2011 Exquisite Collection Football, 2012 Upper Deck Football, 2012 SPx Football, 2012 SP Authentic Football and the newly released 2012 Exquisite Collection Football. With the deal in place and designs completed for many of the cards, Upper Deck can move forward with the production process to bring them to life. Upper Deck will share more details on these highly anticipated Andrew Luck trading cards as they near completion.