Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Triple Threads Football Features Oversized Autographed Handprint Rookie Cards

Our NFL football business is off to a strong start, our initial products have performed admirably and we are just starting to warm up! Triple Threads Football releases on Friday 11/23, the product is loaded with strong content and we are about to turn up the heat another NOTCH! We have a history of creating special cards in our products that generate amazing buzz and value and we are about to drop something VERY special into Triple Threads FB, Topps Supreme FB, Valor FB and 5-Star Football! We put a special Cal Ripken “Touched by Greatness” card in Archives Baseball that created much buzz. The card included Cal’s autograph as well an impression of his actual inked handprint. We are now ready to blow this idea up and go Prime Time with our NFL products! Kicking-off in Triple Threads Football, which hits shelves on Friday 11/23, look for special redemption cards to be redeemed for amazing NFL AUTOGRAPHED HANDPRINT cards! All of the over-sized cards include one Giant hand print and the player’s signature! The subjects who participated are the cream of the rookie crop. They include: Andrew Luck Robert Griffin III (image attached) Justin Blackmon Brandon Weeden Ryan Tannehil Trent Richardson Michael Floyd Triple Threads will be the first opportunity to find these unique cards, but also look in 2012 Topps Supreme, the all-new Topps Valor and the collector-favorite 5 Star for these BIG Beauties!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Bowman is giving you the chance to put your knowledge of prospects to the test with the “Bowman Prospect Challenge”. For the first time ever, Bowman will insert code cards into multiple card releases that allow you the chance to play a digital game and compete to win Monthly prizes featuring Autograph cards from Bowman releases and a Grand Prize featuring autographs of Top Prospects (#’d to 10 or less.) Here is how it works… *Code card in packs allows collectors to enter a code on *Each code entered will unlock 4 prospects. Pick 1 of the 4 for your team! *8 prospects complete a roster (additional prospects on bench) Here is what you could win… *10 Monthly winners will receive autographed cards. *10 Grand Prizes winners of season long competition receive autograph cards numbered to 10 or less. *Random codes will unlock a special 5-card pack of Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Blue Wave Refractors and some packs will include autographs. Where to find code cards? Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects- 1:6 packs- release date: 11/28/12 Bowman Sterling- 1:6 packs- release date: 12/19/12 Bowman- 1:6 packs- release date: 5/1/13 Bowman Baseball. Get in on the Ground Floor. Uncover Greatness. Who's next?

Will the NHL have a season?

It is getting to the end of November and an end to the strike is nowhere in site. the NHL and the NHLPA don't seem to making any headway in negotiations. Once again, the NHL is asking for a new proposal. In the meantime, the trickle down effect of the strike is effecting thousands of people from the arena employees, to vendors, the concession stands,the hobby shops that sell the cards, and especially the fans who love the sport. Hopefully they will continue to meet and not take any more breaks until this is resolved and hockey is back!