Friday, May 31, 2013


2013 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby Box

2013 Topps Archives Baseball is live today and available at DCS Sports Cards! Come to the store or order yours online for some great looking cards and autos!

Take a journey back in time and get a little nostalgic with Topps Archives Baseball.

Archives Baseball takes you back by celebrating the most epic years in card collecting, the 70s 80s and 90s. Archives features classic Topps card designs and autographs from many of your favorite players from today and yesterday such as Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and Mike Schmidt. In its celebration of the past, Topps Archives takes it a step further and goes beyond baseball to include autograph cards from some of the heavy Metal icons that made the 80s and 90s so awesome! Look for autographs from Tommy Lee, Dee Snider Axl Rose and more!

Ripping Topps Archives will be a fun, nostalgic experience for all collectors and the Archives Hobby Store promotion will just take this experience to another level.

Week 1 – $0.25 packs: June 10th – June 16th: Collectors can experience their youth again and buy special 5 card packs for $0.25! These cards will feature a unique Day Glow Parallel.

Week 2 – Redeem 1980’s Cards: June 17th – June 24th: Celebrate Father’s Day and get Dad a new pack of cards. Customers can bring in any of Dad’s old cards from the 80s and go to the store to redeem it for a unique cello pack of 2012 Baseball Series 2.

Vintage Card Redemption: June 10th – While Supplies Last: Special redemption cards are inserted into Hobby boxes of Topps 2013 Archives. Customers can redeem these cards for a free Vintage card from the Topps Vault! The Vintage card will be from the 1950s-1980s and it will be foil wrapped. Collectors will enjoy ripping these packs to see which great they will get from the past!

Enjoy your Journey back in Time with Topps Archives Baseball available at DCS Sports Cards!